Grant Consulting Group LLC BBB Business Review



Q: Do you have any past experience of working with a business like mine?

A: Although we believe there is no business like your business and will treat you accordingly, we do have experience with small and medium sized enterprises worldwide.

Q: Are you flexible in accommodating my specific business needs?

A: It is your business and should be run as you desire, we will do whatever we can to accommodate you and your organization’s needs.

Q: Will you be able to provide support for the specific type of requirements that I have?

A: As we have experts staffed in their respective field, of course we can. If we do not have the answer, we know how to find it and will do so in a timely manner.

Q: Would the price for your services change if my needs scale up or down over time?

A: We have many options available that you might find agreeable. For instance, we sell block hours of time rendered for consulting and if you need more or less hours a month, you have the freedom to do so. We would have a strategy meeting to find the best solution that fits you and your organization.

Q: Does your IT support team provide full-time-on-site personnel so they don’t spend hours working on a specific problem?

A: We can provide full-time-on-site, part-time-on-site, and have the ability to remote access into your site.

Q: How quick is your service when there is a call made for assistance?

A: We are notified immediately with any tickets you or your organization submit to us along with monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure in 5 to 30 minute intervals.

Q: What is your minimum and maximum response time?

A: That is solely dependent on you as we draft our SLAs to your needs specifically.

Q: What support vehicles does your particular Managed IT services team provide, is it online help, telephone support, email or chat?

A: We do offer help desk services so that we can provide support in a variety of ways to you and organization. Currently, it is provided through online help, telephone, and email.

Q: As new versions of software become available, will your Managed IT services team be able to recommend and install it?

A: Our understanding of new versions of software is nearly always current, not only to bring the newer versions to your attention but to educate you on how it will affect your current IT infrastructure both positively and negatively.

Q: Will you use licensed software for my network?

A: That is one aspect we will never default away from as we only use licensed software.

Q: What makes your Managed IT services company different from others and why should I choose you?

A: It is our belief to provide the best possible service and truly listen to our customers concerns so that we not only understand them, but can come up with solutions that alleviate their concerns and problems. Larger corporations dedicate significant resources to IT that some corporations cannot afford, thus we give you that same competitive edge at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise require staffed resources to achieve. With our proactive approach, we find issues in your infrastructure before those said issues become problems so that we can prevent down time, loss of data, and save you money.